Working on the Ecommerce Project This Week

The boss has lent me out to one of the subsidiaries. I was not thrilled with the idea at first, but the person I am working for is about a thousand times better looking than my previous supervisors. She is infinitely more charming, but then a pit bull terrier is also more charming than that guy even if it is trying to take a bite out of your rear parts. I am helping them work out the bugs in the web site design for a new site and they want to buy twitter followers at for this new account that they are rolling out. In my opinion the lady who is in charge has a great deal of courage, because the ideas that she intends to use for this are pretty confrontational. As they say you can not please all of the people all of the time, so she has basically taken the position that they will just say screw being politically correct.

In this case you are not going to be aiming to do business with people who are easily offended or deeply conservative, so you may as well not worry about what those people think. In fact she seems to be working on the idea that she will be able to get some of those people to say offensive things about her marketing idea. That is on purpose, in fact she is going to lure them in and dare them to be offended by what she does and they will obviously respond by being offensive. The conventional wisdom might be to avoid this sort of thing, but that is when you have something to lose. This is something that is going up from the ground up. No one has ever heard of it and therefore the idea is to generate attention and name recognition.

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