The Right Way to Do Website Advertising

Website marketing is tough nowadays. You have to have have enough ads to generate a steady rate of income from the site, but you cannot have too many. Some sites use every blank square inch of page real estate for ads. You will see banners on the left, right, on top, at the bottom and even in between content segments. The most annoying websites have content segmented in a way that you have to click a button to see another snippet. Each click is another page load that presents new ads to maximize revenue. We use outstream video ads tastefully and responsibly because they are effective for us. We also use them because video advertising has the highest rate of return.

There are all kinds of ways to use video. There are the ones that pop up when you hover over something for a second, and there are ones that require the user to hit a play button. There are ones without any controls that users cannot stop even if they are not interested. Those, in my opinion, can lose viewers of your website content. I like the OutStream video ads that begin to play automatically when the user scrolls and reveals the video segment on their web browser. Otherwise, it is still and quiet. You get the benefit of a still ad as well as the benefit of a video ad. If you utilize the key frame that appears before the ad starts to play in a wise manner, you can have a great static as well as moving advertisement on a web page.

We take a minimalist approach to advertising. We select OutStream video ads so that our websites can have a more proportional mix of content and advertising. As the other websites scramble to increase revenue to maintain quality content and relevancy by adding more ads, they will annoy more visitors who come to us. Consumers do not mind a balance of advertising and content. They know you need to pay the bills. However, be wise about it. Otherwise, you are just alienating the visitors you rely on to make a living.

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