Profit Funnel Lets Me Maximize My Web Earnings Potential

... Shirts Store Turns to Search Engine Optimization for Exposure | PRLogThe Internet landscape becomes more competitive each quarter. Just look at how much business is done online now around the holidays. We have had Black Friday for a long time, but Cyber Monday is a new thing. Billions of dollars in business are now done exclusively online. There is room for even the small fish who just want to earn a really good living without having to punch a time clock. However, you need to avoid pitfalls for any web-based business. I follow the profit funnel design for making great websites to earn revenue.

You hear everywhere how it is all about the SEO if you are going to get a page rank high enough to get your website noticed. If people are searching for anything relevant to your website, you want to be in the top few results for whatever search terms they use. This great search engine optimization gets your website to show up in the top five or so of the results for relevant search terms.

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