Don’t Make the Mistake of Not Using an SEO Service

I have been running my own network administration business for about ten years. I have quite a few clients, and I’m busy enough that I work seven days per week during most weeks. I have had customers ask me to create websites for them, and I have done so as side work on many occasions. Over time, I realized that many of their websites were not showing up very high in the list of search results in search engines. I began doing a little research and learned that you really need some SEO service work done to help boost websites up in search rankings.

I simply did not have the time to learn yet a new skill because I have my hands full as it is. It takes me about a month to simply create and finish one website, so I certainly didn’t have time to figure out exactly the magic that happens with SEO and then carry out the work myself in full either. A friend recommended a company that he uses for his own website, so I looked into it to see what they could offer. A company spokesperson explained that they take keywords that you want your website to come up under when people do a search on those specific keywords.

I decided to try it for the sake of one of my clients to see what would happen. I learned that you can actually check to see where each of the different keyword ranks after they do the work for you. After giving them just five keywords, I noticed that one of them was ranked at 32 in results, another was ranked at 18, and a third one was ranked at 20. Before I had the work done, my client’s site previously ranked much, much lower than that for each of them! I’ve been told to expect that the page will rank even higher soon.

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